Together let’s taste a note of music or two…

Tasting wine while listening to music brings out all the aromas and highlights the subtleties of wine.


Studies have shown that the brain is more susceptible to musical recall than to that of language. Music reduces stress and stimulates one’s memory, making wine tasting a more memorable experience.

Notes speak louder than words!


The composer can create an original and personalised musical score to celebrate the wine and the winemaker, following
sensory analysis of the wine by an oenologist. And so their technical vocabularies become one. Tangy rosés could be associated with a rapid tempo, a fruity wine could be represented by exotic tones, organic wines by more traditional sounds and a lively music for sparkling wines.


The artist could elaborate specific sound effects on site (among the vines, in the wine cellar… for a biological wine the music could be inspired by the traditional horse and plough..) or other such effects which suggest the specificity of the vineyard.


From an aesthetic viewpoint the bottle would display a QR code (with a well defined size and place on the bottle) which, from an appropriate smartphone or tablet application, would allow the listener to enjoy the specially composed music via the company website during their wine tasting experience.
The composer’s site could also redirect listeners to the wine company’s site. Together they would increase traffic to, and views of the product and listeners to the music.
A CD could also be produced with an appropriate sleeve design.


This innovative association of wine and music brings an additional and original dimension to our senses.

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