Born in Saumur in 1982 and always evolving in the world of music, Benoît GAUGAIN became a professional musician (multi-instrumentalist) in 2003. During his life as an artist, Benoît was able to train with teachers and musicians professionals which allowed him to have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with a large clientele by touring many times in France and in neighboring countries. It is as a composer and a member of Sacem that he produces works in different universes (French and international songs) and for different audiences.

Trained in Jazz schools in particular in Tours and Tous en scène, and while continuing his tours, Benoît continues to improve his skills and thus acquire new skills.

In addition, the world of wine is not unknown to him because his father worked for 25 years in the wine industry.

benoit gaugain
composer benoit gaugain
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Compositions & Recordings

From 2004 to 2020:

Benoît participates in the recording and arrangements of 5 DVDs and 13 CDs for various productions (boulevard studio production, scorama, wink), including 4 self-produced albums whose recording and composition allow him to meet and to collaborate with other artists.




From 2020 to 2021:

Creation of 2 CDs including 1 for an independent personality (after television appearance).

Today, he composes, arranges and records for artists of all backgrounds and styles as well as for companies.

From studio to stage

On tours on the roads and stages, between two studio recordings, Benoît draws his inspiration from the meetings. Ranging from small to large groups and musical styles from various universes, he is always looking for new groups.


2016-2020: DAMIEN ROY Orchestra
Retro trio / variety of covers and compositions for dance evenings

2016-2018: COCKTAIL PIAN’S
Piano voice duo for cocktail

2014-2016: CRISTAL
Variety orchestra of 8 to 15 elements for evenings of associations, individuals, companies

2011-2014: PLUG-IN
Variety orchestra of 5 to 8 elements for evening associations, individuals, companies.

2003-2012: Franck SALÉ
Retro / variety orchestra composed of 4 musicians, formation interpreting compositions and covers.

2003-2005: SCARLET
Pop rock group of 5 musicians (festival, radio show)

1998-2003: Flash back
Variety orchestra of 8 musicians, outdoor party and wedding entertainment

benoit gaugain music concert